Mercurio Pallia Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2009 as a 50:50 joint venture between Gruppo Mercurio Spa and Pallia Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd. In 2014, Gefco SA acquired 35% of the shares and became the second largest shareholder of the company. As Gefco Group owns 70% of Gruppo Mercurio, it can be consider that Gefco Group and Gruppo Mercurio own 85% of Mercurio Pallia. Gefco SA, incorporated in 1949, is a worldwide player in logistics for manufacturers and the European leader in automotive logistics with 4 million vehicles transported and a turnover of 4 Billion euros. Gruppo Mercurio Spa, incorporated in Italy, and part of Group Gefco since 2011, is a leading company in Italy, with global dominance in the automotive logistics sector. Pallia Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd, incorporated in 1960 in India, has been a leading logistics player in India for over 55 years.

The JV company, Mercurio Pallia Logistics ever since its inception in India, has covered considerable ground in terms of increasing volume, Pan India Presence, adding new clients and expanding as per the future automotive logistics trend in India. Mercurio Pallia Logistics also developed transportation of trucks in 2012. Mercurio Pallia Logistics has already started multiuse Stockyard, PDI, and Multi Modal Transportation.

GEFCO and Mercurio Pallia Logisticsin India
GEFCO and Mercurio Pallia Logistics have joined forces to develop outbound logistics for Car, Two wheelers and Chassis. This synergy will come into action by mixture of international expertise and local experience in the Multimodal transportation and Yard Management.