• Technical Strength: Mercurio Pallia Logistics has a very proactive approach in adapting any technological advancement/changes with continuous focus towards improvement. With the use of ERP software, we have a complete track record of operations, starting from booking the consignment till its delivery. All the branches of Mercurio Pallia Logistics have been interlinked through a robust IT infrastructure and all the trucks have been imparted with the complete GPS vehicle tracking system which helps in streamlining the complete operational process.
  • Experience: With 55 years of vast experience in the Indian transport industry, we are quite confident in dealing and resolving anycomplicated operational issue and can make right decisions in real time scenario.
  • Our Team: Our strength lies in our well experienced quality people, who are self-motivated and ready to accept challenges with an integrated approach focused on fulfilling all the aspects of customers’ requirement and delivering them real time solutions with operational excellence.
  • 100% On time and Damage free delivery
  • Dedicated team to handle the consignment safely and as per client's instructions.
  • Extensive Driver training programs